26th NJF Congress:
Agriculture for the Next 100 Years

27-29 June, 2018 Kaunas r. Lithuania

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Types of presentations and its duration:

Posters have to be prepared in portrait oriented paper list of A1 (594x841 mm) in English.

The poster should have to get for conference participant’s an overall picture of research is done. The recommendations for preparation of abstract of the presentation or an article advisable have been taken while preparing poster’s text.

Text in the poster should take up to 50 per cents of the sheet area. In capital letters should be written the title of poster and titles of the most important parts or element of it. Especially significant or exceptional short text elements or individual words in the poster could be highlighted by using bold, italic and (or) underlined font. It is recommended font to be at least 24 pt and at least one space interval between the lines has be left.

Illustrations (tables, pictures and images) could be of any visible size, but the more important elements should be larger.

The poster’s title, corresponding to the provided research or intended to prepare an article, the author’(s) name(s) and affiliations should be presented at the top of the sheet. The data about author(s) has to be prepared following requirements for information about author(s) presentation in an article or in summary of presentation and to be presented at the bottom of the poster’s sheet.